No-Cost Kindergarten Readiness Program

Through a federal education grant, is doing a study to research the effectiveness of their kindergarten readiness online learning program. To do the study, they would like to recruit 500 SD families with children who will enter kindergarten in the fall 2022. You can go directly to this website to sign up and learn more or call 888.982.9898.

 Waterford will provide a laptop with the kindergarten readiness program, a learning coach who will do regular follow up calls with families, and internet service if needed for FREE! Families get to keep the laptop.

 This programming is not meant as a substitute for high quality in-person preschool programming. It is a supplement families can do at home together, and it may be especially valuable for families who live in remote, rural areas without access to high quality pre-K options.

  Click on the link to view a flyer about the No-Cost Kindergarten Readiness Program